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Within a challenging and respectful environment, the Murphy Centre provides individuals with opportunities for growth through the integration of creative learning experiences designed to achieve academic, career and life goals.


The Murphy Centre community acknowledges the immeasurable worth of all individuals and believes in their ability to make positive changes in their lives.
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Welcome to the Murphy Centre!

The Murphy Centre offers an enhanced and alternative high school and career experience designed to meet the unique needs of learners. Many who have traveled through the Murphy Centre doors have gone on to achieve major academic, career and life goals. For those needing to complete a high school education in a flexible and supportive setting, or become involved in meaningful career and personal development experiences, then the Murphy Centre may be just the place to be!

What We Do

  • Provide academic, career/employment and personal development education opportunities to participants.
  • The Murphy Centre utilizes an integrated and holistic approach to assist participants in achieving education, career and life goals.
  • The Murphy Centre fosters a renewed spirit of hope for continued learning and employment.
  • The collaboration and linkage of services are delivered through a General Framework Model in an atmosphere of community support.
  • Programs & Services are offered in the following core areas:
    • Academic Services: Adult Basic Education (ABE) and High School Credit Program
    • Career Services: career education, planning and development, vocational assessment, employment counselling, job search, placement and maintenance support
    • Personal Development/Lifestyle Services: personal development courses, active living programs, journalling group, community building, nutritional programs, and other individual and group support services
    • We use a person-centered approach in the provision of all our programs and services

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Participants Served

  • Age requirements vary according to program. Please see Academic Services or Career Services for specific information.
  • We serve approximately 790+ participants annually as follows:
    • Academic: 270
    • Career: 400+
    • Personal Development/Lifestyle: 120

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Brief History

The Murphy Centre was established in 1986 by the Christian Brothers as a response to youth whose educational needs were not being met in the regular school system. The concept of the Murphy Centre as a dynamic, alternative environment high school emerged from extensive consultations between the Christian Brothers and a broad spectrum of community groups, government departments and agencies.

For the first decade of operation, the Christian Brothers provided leadership and invested considerable resources to ensure the continuation of the Murphy Centre. As the Murphy Centre evolved into a more complex organization with diversified funding sources and expanded programs and services, it was determined that a new structure and governance model were needed.

As a result, in 1996 The Murphy Centre was incorporated as a registered not-for-profit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors. Today, in addition to offering a wide range of alternative environment high school credit and adult basic education learning opportunities, the Murphy Centre has become a leader in career and personal development programming in the community.

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